The Bologna Process emphasizes the importance of the involvement of students in quality assurance (QA) in Higher Education.  Student involvement has at its heart the notion that students act as collaborators in, rather than merely passive receivers of, teaching and learning.

 students roles in qa

Students’ roles in Quality Assurance (QA)

stundents in qa


EIMS H.E.I. would like to offer the best possible learning experience to encourage students to perform to their full potential.

EIMS H.E.I.  believes in student-centred learning; students play a critical part in the evaluation, development and enhancement of the quality of this learning experience. 

In terms of advocating collaboration, EIMS H.E.I relies on Student Feedback to evaluate the quality of students’ learning experience and how well students feel prepared to continue their studies.

Student feedback is the most active way students participate in QA.

Starting this Academic Year 2022-23, EIMS H.E.I. provides not only an end programme survey where students describe their experience once they have completed the entire programme of study, but an additional survey at the end of each individual study-units will be circulated for feedback

End of programme survey and individual study-units feedback is generated through GOOGLE MODULE  do not include any personal details and cannot be traced back to the students.

Results are compiled into reports which are sent to the Head of Institution. Suggestions are considered during Academic Board meetings to improve the programmes as part of the Annual and Periodic Programme Review. 

While student feedback through survey has been formalised, students are reminded of the open door policy whereby any concerns, issues, or areas for improvement may be discussed with the Head of Institution. 





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